College of Nursing changes accreditation

Missy Menke

Missy Menke

The College of Nursing recently changed their accreditation.

They have been an accredited program since 1964 with the National League of Nursing.

The College of Nursing is now accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, NCCE.

They found out the news of their new accreditation in October.

According to Roberta Olson, dean of nursing, the reason for the change is, “The mission and philosophy of CCNE is more similar to the mission and philosophy of SDSU.”

The CCNE visited SDSU in April. They went to classes and clinicals to see if they were meeting the standards of CCNE. They also spoke with students, faculty and the community to find out what the views were on the way SDSU runs the College of Nursing.

In September, a board meeting was held to review the comments from the visits and give accreditation to SDSU.

The students of the College of Nursing will not see a difference in teaching methods or in clinicals. The only difference is the bureau in which the College of Nursing is accredited by.

The College of Nursing will be accredited through the year 2011. At that point there will be new site visits and reaccreditation process.