In our humble opinion…..


Good: Midterm week is finally over. Let the dancing and rejoicing in the streets commence.

Good: The Internet. Let’s say you had to give a speech for Veteran’s Day. Did you know they have whole sites devoted to just speeches about Veteran’s Day? It’s every lazy college student’s dream come true!

Bad: Atheism. If this life is it, why bother? Seriously, it’s got to be better than this. And if we’re the only one’s in control … we shudder to think it.

Good: Veterans Day. And it’s not good just because we got the day off, although that is a plus.

Good: Sixty degrees in November. And people said Global Warming was a bad thing.

Bad: Only three issues left of the Collegian for this semester! Who will be there to anger and irratate you over Christmas break?

Bad: The speed limits on campus. Most vehicles don’t even idle at 15 mph. Plus, it’s really hard to run over pedestrians and collect points for the “Run-Over-Pedestrians-Who-Fail-To-Acknowledge-That-You-Are-Late-For-Class-and-Therefore-Insist-On-Walking-Right-Out-In-Front-Of-You” game when most peds walk faster than you can legally drive.

Good: People who appreciate the Collegian’s “unique” brand of humor. Thanks to all four of you.

Bad: People who hang up Christmas decorations like the day after Halloween. It is sacreligious to even mention the C-word before Thanksgiving.

Good: The movie “Monters, Inc.” It’s childish humor probably appeals more to college students than to children.

And the unattractive: People who “assume” they have all of the right answers. Before you make accusations, make sure you have some inkling as to what’s going on. It’s better to appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the Collegian staff.