New, fool-proof excuses to get more vital time on assignments for class

Nathan Sanderson

Nathan Sanderson

Everyone has a semester when it seems more fun to party and engage in Nintendo marathons than to complete any assignments. For those individuals, it is vital to obtain a good excuse so professors will grant more time to finish the assignment.

The following excuses are professor-tested and high quality.

“I was out deer hunting with Tom when our pickup broke down near Reva and we couldn’t get back. We didn’t have a cell phone, and had to walk 60 miles to a ranch, but they didn’t even have a working telephone. Because their pickup was broken down, we had to stay the night there and try to walk to another ranch 20 miles away the next day. During the night, a huge blizzard blew in and we were unable to leave for five more days. Because the family didn’t have any power and wanted to conserve candles, we couldn’t write our paper due to darkness. We’re OK but didn’t have time to get the paper done. Can we have a couple extra days to finish it?”

“Roger and I were babysitting for my aunt and uncle. We were supposed to be done at 10 p.m. so we could get back to proofread the final draft of the paper. Marty and Karen are usually quite prompt, but by 3 a.m., they still hadn’t shown. It is quite a job sitting for 13 kids, but we decided to try to finish the paper anyway. We had the paper on the computer, and just as we started to print, Tyler, their 3-year-old, spilled a full glass on the computer. The computer shorted out, and we lost our paper. Can we have a few more days to finish the assignment?”

By using these excuses, you will certainly get those extra days needed to actually do your assignment. Remember, use names of people you actually know, and insert fun details to make your story believable. Good luck!

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