Speech, debate forensics provides valuable experience

Nicole Frutiger

Nicole Frutiger

“Respect all, fear none” is the motto for the SDSU Forensics Team, better known as SDSU Speech and Debate. Forensics offers great opportunities for students from any major, said Kris Kracht, assistant director and coach.

“Forensics gives students the chance to improve everyday communications skills as well as other valuable experiences crucial to life after college,” Kracht said.

“Students interact act with people from other cultures, learn how to balance their schedules and experience what its like to travel,” Kracht added.

The Forensics Teams has traveled to California, Washington, D.C. and the United Kingdom for competition. The club offers a wide variety of of disciplines for members to choose from. Most speeches run about 10 minutes in length.

Informative Speaking consists of factual informational aimed at providing the listener with insight on realistic topics cited by sources presented by the speaker. Notes and visual aids are allowed.

Another option is Dramatic Duo, which involves two people who represents characters from a play or radio or television show. This type of speaking may be humorous or serious in nature.

After Dinner speaking encompasses humor, originality and good taste presented through sound speech communication of the speaker.

Poetry Interpretation deals with literary merit poetry from various sources presented with a manuscript.

SDSU Forensics meets every Monday night for informational meetings, fund-raisers, public service projects and recruitment of new members and for practice, sometimes over pizza.

Individual and group practice sessions help members prepare for competition. The coaches from the team hold individual practice sessions through the week.

“During meetings and traveling to discussions, members get to know each other,” said Jessica Nordquist, president and competitor.

“Everyone gets along, and we have a blast,” she added.

The Forensics team has been successful in the past and continues to place high in competition. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting on Mondays in Pugsley 117 For more information, contact Kris Kracht at 688-4383.