Break time for work, relaxation

Lynn Klavetter

Lynn Klavetter

As soon as finals are over, students will be faced with weeks of time off from classes.

Although most will be spending the break trying to earn as much money as possible, some have other plans for the break.

Junior Ted Enstad will be going to Lake Shetek, Minn., for a retreat with all of the people he worked with this summer.

“It was a Bible camp that I was a councilor at,” Enstad said.

“I worked basically with fourth through sixth graders but also with all ages, kindergarten through college,” Enstad said.

He is looking forward to the retreat.

“I will get to see all of my good friends that I made this summer,” Enstad said.

Some students are planning on spending their time catching up on rest.

“I’m going to work and catch up on the sleep I’ve lost over the past semester,” junior Heath Abraham said.

Sophomore Chris Bos will also be spending a majority of his break working.

“I’m going to be working a lot because I need money,” Bos said.

Apart from working, he has other plans.

“I’m also going to go to Chicago for youth convention security. The trip is going to be awesome and working is going to stink, but I’ll kind of balance that out with a few sledding trips to Larson Hill,” Bos said.

Similar to Bos, freshman Ari Show has some variety in her plans.

“I have two weddings to go to,” Show said. “I’m going to be working a lot.”

Show joked about her plans for break saying “Tell them I’m going to Cancun and living it up.”

However, the majority of students like Show will not be “living it up,” but more realistically spending their holiday working and relaxing.

Bos offers advice if any students happen to get bored over Christmas break.

“Never underestimate the power of a trip to Larson Hill or the bowling alley.”