Party drug use

Lynn Klavetter

Lynn Klavetter

Which two dangerous drugs are on the rise in the United States?

According to WebMD Medical News, Rohypnol is used as a sleep aid in Western Europe, but has been deemed an illegal drug in the U.S. Among Americans, it is more commonly associated as one of the date rape drugs. Use of the drug results in an euphoric high and enhances the effect of alcohol and other drugs.

In the past, Rohypnol was almost impossible to detect when slipped into drinks, but now, when it slipped into a drink, the color of the beverage will change.

There are some reasons for the growing popularity of Rohypnol.

“It’s inexpensive, and possession does not lead to criminal prosecution, and it cannot be detected in blood or urine drug screenings,” said researcher Vaughn Rickert., according to WebMD.

As with any drug, there are health concerns regarding the use of Rohypnol. It is physically addictive after 10 days of use, and the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is increased with Rohypnol use.

Rohypnol is one of a handful of of date rape drugs, but it has many nicknames, including rophies, roaches, rib, rape and Mexican Valium.

Ecstasy is another drug gaining in popularity and use. According to, there has been a 71 percent increase in the use of Ecstasy in the last two years. For Ecstasy users, the euphoric high is what sends the users bodies into overdrive.

This so called “hug drug” breaks down natural inhibitions and social barriers. Ecstasy is first thought to have first appeared on the party scene at rave dances to help keep revelers going into the night.

Psychologically, ecstasy causes confusion, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and paranoia. Physically, it causes a higher heart rate, blood pressure, tremors, sweating and chills.

If you think you may have encountered a date rape drug, seek professional medical help immediately.