Spring Break Anyone?

Heather Hall

Heather Hall

Outback Jacks and UPC are both sponsoring spring break trips this year to attract students with low prices and a fun experience outdoors. Outback Jacks is sponsoring the trip to Colorado while UPC is planning the trip to the Black Hills.

Jaime Haier is the Outback Jack coordinator for the trip to Colorado and is very excited about what the trip entails. The trip starts on March 9 and goes until March 14.

“We’re taking a couple of 15 passenger vans,” Haier said.

After driving to Colorado, the group will start by camping at Lake Pueblo and with then visit the Great Sandoone National Park. The next two days will be spent backpacking in the Rockies where the elevation varies from about 12,000 to 14,000 feet. The nights will be spent in tents and sleeping bags provided by Outback Jacks while backpacking.

Finally the last day of the trip will end in Breckenridge with a day of skiing in one of the best places to ski in the country.

The total cost for all of this is only $400, and the cost is even less if anyone wants to spend the last day in Breckenridge shopping instead of skiing, then the price is only $305.

This cost includes lodging, most of the meals, transportation, all equipment, and ski rentals, Haier said.

“If you don’t feel comfortable skiing, you can shop in the town of Breckenridge,” she said.

Outback Jacks simply wanted to promote outdoor activities this year and wanted to provide SDSU students with a opportunity that is usually unavailable to them.

“Our outdoor recreation department wants to try to promote outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking for SDSU,” Haier said.

The requirement is a $100 down payment to Outback Jacks by March 1.; the rest of the payment is due March 8.

Last year was the first year that Outback Jacks sponsored a spring break trip and it went very well. About 11 or more people went to the Ozarks where they hiked the whole time. This trip offers much more than that, it is a complete outdoor experience.

The group will also be with experienced leaders on the trip, Haier has backpacked in Colorado before and feels comfortable leading others.

“You’ll be able to experience the trip with qualified leaders,” she said. Krista Johnson and Susie Hadrick are also helping her with the trip and all of them are CPR and First Aid trained and will go on the trip. They have also contacted various medical facilities in the area and have paid close attention to safety concerns.

“We currently have strong interest in the trip, but there is room for anyone still interested,” Haier said.

Outback Jacks also offers outdoor equipment for every SDSU student if anyone ever needs to check anything out. They have canoe packages, volleyball equipment, camping equipment, show shoes, cross country skis, life jackets, backpacks and more. They also offer darts for free with a student i.d. and pool is only $1.80 an hour with an i.d. Nintendo and Playstation are also offered there for only $0.25 an hour with i.d.

University Program Council is sponsoring the other trip available over spring break to the Black Hills. This trip is only $140 total and includes transportation, 4 nights lodging, 2 days skiing at Terry Peak and admission to the natural springs pool. (Ski rental and additional half-day skiing will be an option for participants, but is not included in the trip fee).

Anyone who wishes to participate needs to attend a mandatory meeting tentatively set for 6 p.m. on March 6th in the Student Activities office, room 065 downstairs in the Union. If you are unable to attend the meeting or have any other questions about the trip please contact Sarah Kuehn, the UPC Rec and Travel Coordinator.

Trip participants will also be covered under university insurance while in the university vehicle, but not for the rest of the trip.

Tickets must be purchased at the Information Exchange by 5 p.m. on March 6th.

For anyone interested in attending these trips over break, sign up for the Colorado trip at the Outback Jacks front desk or call 688-4617. For the Black Hills trip contact Kuehn at 688-6173 or e-mail her at [email protected]

#1.888243:3845644494.jpg:springbreak.jpg:Last year Outback Jacks sponsored a spring break trip to the Ozarks. :Outback Jacks