Economics Club helps members

Nicole Frutiger

Nicole Frutiger

Are you looking for ways to prepare yourself for the future? Do you wish to find out what employers near and far are seeking in potential employees? If you are in an economics related major, you will find such in the Economics club at SDSU.

This club is geared toward helping students explore the world of business. Representatives from Daktronics, Citibank, Wells Fargo, as well as professors from the Economics Department serve as guest speakers. The representatives from the businesses focus on giving students valuable information concerning job skills and opportunities for internships.

The professors acquaint students with graduate school options here at SDSU.

Perhaps a highlight of the clubs learning experience is the yearly trip to cities such as Chicago, Denver, St. Louis and Winnipeg. The members decide on the destination of the trip and the businesses they wish to visit.

In the past, the club has toured the facilities of Purina Mills, Anheiser-Busch, advertising, investment and banking firms. They try to get in touch with the home offices of those reputable businesses, so that they have a chance to speak to people in high ranks.

The main focus is to gain knowledge of today’s job market, skills needed, potential internship opportunities, finding out what employers are looking for in employees and providing the members with a chance to see another part of the country.

The club generally meets once a month to the plan the trip, take care of administrative business, or prepare for the scholarship banquet that the Economics Department hosts each year.

“The club allows students to get to know people in their classes, have fun an prepare for the future,” said Dr. Douglas Franklin, advisor for the club.