Blazing Saddles: Rodeo is April 4-7

Lynn Klavetter

Lynn Klavetter

Talk of goat tying, breakaway roping and barrel racing may leave some of the “city kids” scratching their heads in confusion, but for SDSU’s Rodeo’s Club and Team, it is everyday language.

“SDSU has the largest amount of competing members in the region. Sixty kids have their memberships, and it is the sixth largest team in the nation,” rodeo coach Terry McCutcheon said.

The rodeo season is unique compared to most competitive sports.

“Both the fall and spring are part of our season:there are 10 rodeos we compete in. Three in the fall and seven in the spring,” McCutcheon said.

The first Spring Rodeo will be in Brookings at at the Multiplex April 4-7.

“We’ve been in the Animal Science Arena for the last six years It was a great place to hold a college rodeo,” McCutcheon said. “The atmosphere was w as loud and it was exciting to compete there.There was just a lot of crowd interaction.”

In past years, you had to get to the Animal Science Arena an hour and a half ahead to get a seat. At the MultiPlex, I don’t think we will have to do that,” McCutcheon said.

Senior Dusti Kvistad thinks having the rodeo at the Mulitplex will be the highlight of the season.

“It is one of the largest facilities that a regular college rodeo will be held in,” Kvistad said.

“Having more room we hope will be the biggest benefit, that we will be able to seat more college students. The college crowd is what makes it fun,” Kvistad said.

McCutcheon said there will be a sheep dressing contest at the rodeo both on Thursday and Friday night. Each SDSU club can enter a three member team to compete. The teams will run to the sheep, dress it in a T-shirt and carry the sheep back.

For team, members, hours of practice and focus are all part of preparing for the rodeos.

“To stay competitive, I just try and keep my mind in it, and keep my horse conditioned as well myself in practice,” Senior Ann Maher said.

Maher is currently sixth in the region in goat tying.

“You run down the arena, jump off your horse while it is still running, flank the goat and tie three of its legs together,”Maher said.

Contending for one of the top ten seats that will go to the regional competition in Bozeman, Mont., Maher has faced a new challenge.

“I’m starting a new horse this spring which is kind of a challenge, getting used to a new horse and trusting him like I did my old one,” Maher said.

Some teammates have been faced with other challenges.

“The biggest challenge that we’ve faced has been the weather. Several universities have indoor places to practice on a permanent basis. We have to work with the area people to get into their places and practice,” McCutcheon said.

If you are interested in the sheep dressing contest, call Joe at 690-8452 or email him at [email protected]

Despite the challenges and changes this season has brought, the team is enthused about the upcoming rodeos.