Justin Larson named Mr. SDSU

Heather Hall

Heather Hall

Justin Larson was named this year’s Mr. SDSU at the fourth annual competition, which took place on April 21 at 7 p.m. in the Volstorff Ballroom.

Several contestants were ready to show off their moves and skills in the creative boxer competition, a talent contest, formal wear and stage question. Interviews were actually held earlier that afternoon.

“We sent out letters and applications to every one of the student organizations on campus,” said Susie Hadrick, who helped DSUA put on the event.

Mr. SDSU was sponsored by DSUA but they also received assistance from Waneta Complex and the UPC.

“[Mr. SDSU] is really just for charity, it’s not an official title. All the money that is made goes to a charity of the winner’s choice in their name,” said Hadrick.

The contestants were all sponsored by student organizations on campus. These contestants included: Nick Harms sponsored by AGR and had SD Pheasants as his charity; Edward Bergeland sponsored by Waneta Complex and representing the Domestic Abuse Shelter; Jacob Fesler sponsored by Waneta Complex for the Domestic Abuse Shelter; Justin Wenzlaff sponsored by the Horse Club for The Banquet; Dan Hansen sponsored by SA for Habitat for Humanity; Justin Larson sponsored by RHA for Habitat for Humanity; Isaac Carson sponsored by Pierson Hall for the Ronald McDonald House; Joe Chilson sponsored by A.S.C.E. for Goodwill; Matthew Skillman sponsored by Delta Chi for March of Dimes, Walk America; Austen Stewart sponsored by Stater’s for State for the Brookings Food Pantry; Dan Purcelley sponsored by Delta Chi for March of Dimes, Walk America and Adam Franken sponsored by Hansen Hall for the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

The Emcees for the evening were Ryan Howlett and Nick Wendell. Judges included Shonda Reed, Nate Christie and Angie Quashnick.

The talent judges were Janice Hargens, and Kristi Thompson. “We’re just doing it for the fun of it. It started out as a mock of the Miss SDSU pageant,” said Chris Sorenson, last year’s Mr. SDSU. In addition to the scheduled events, the program included an opening performance by the contestants as well as entertainment by Janice Hargens and also Ben Solomon and Josh Lichty. “The question I got last year was about diversity and what I thought about prejudice,” said Sorenson. Last year’s Mr. SDSU was a little more serious than usual, most commonly the stage questions include things like, “If you would be a movie star who would you be?” This year’s competition had a much more humorous feel to it. At the end of the contest, individual awards were also given out. Joe Chilson won the award for Most Verbal while Austin Stewart won Mr. Congeniality. The winner of the formal wear competition was Justin Larson and the winner of the boxer competition was Joe Chilson (he wore boxers with bags of goldfish attached). Matthew Skillman got the runner up award for talent, and Most Talented was Adam Franklin. Second runner-up was Dan Hansen. The following sponsors and individuals helped in putting together the program for this year: Domino’s, Cover to Cover, Bagel Works/Ice Cream and Eatery, Mr. Movies, Pizza Hut, Country Kitchen, Pizza King, George’s Pizza, State Tech, Information Exchange, Outback Jacks, Orientation, Union Managers and Set-up Crew, Office of Student Activities, DSUA staff, Ryan Howlett, Nick Wendell, Karen Ukenholtz, Shonda Reed, Nate Christie, Angie Quashnick, Janice Hargens, Kristi Thompson, Josh Lichty, Ben Solomon, and the escorts and ushers.