UPC holds Spring Formal

Tonya Krauth

Tonya Krauth

UPC held it’s Spring Formal on Friday, April 19 at the Brookings Area Multiplex, and there was a small group of students that got all dolled up to have dinner and go dancing.

The event was attended by roughly 200 students this year, which was about what UPC was planning for. “I was expecting more people to be there. Since there are 9,000 people that go to SDSU, I was expecting more,” Alison Finstad said.

UPC uses student fee dollars to pay for the events that it sponsors. Because of this, no money can be used to purchase food. All the money generated in this event went towards catering it.

Although there was no date required for this formal Finstad warns to, “Bring a date next time.” It appeared that the majority of the people there were couples.”