Athletic director answers questions on possible DI move

Sue A. Pulse

Sue A. Pulse

Student senators gathered in Rotunda A on April 23 for a question and answer session about SDSU’s possible move to Division I.

Fred Oien, director of athletics, was present to give an update on the Division I study and answer students’ questions. He said that Carr Sports Associates, the company hired to research the feasibility of this move, has their report done. It can be found at H.M. Briggs Library.

“Carr Associates said we would have no problem making this move,” Oien said.

The next step, a phone survey, will question people about their thoughts on Division I. Some students may be part of this survey, Oien said.

Senators questioned Oien about ticket prices if SDSU were to go to Division I. He said that ticket prices would be one of the survey questions, but he doesn’t think students would have to pay to attend games. As for non-student consumers, ticket prices will depend on supply and demand.

“Our staff looks at what people are paying for other forms of entertainment, and we try to stay with in there somewhere,” Oien said.

Oien also pointed out that a Division I move doesn’t only affect the athletic programs.

“We are talking about enrollment management here ? you do it academically, by your theater department, by your band, and you do it by your athletics,” he said.

Oien said there are some fans that oppose a move. They are concerned about ticket prices and want to maintain SDSU’s sports rivals.

“They are historians of the programs. There are some fans that have sat in the same seat since Coughlin opened,” he said.

Student Association Senator Zach Rada expressed concern about informing students on campus. He said that many students he has talked to simply don’t care whether or not SDSU makes the move to Division I.

“We should care ? my kids might go here, my grandkids might go here,” he said.

The senators also discussed several other topics with Oien, including funding for the move, improving facilities, a possible women’s equestrian program, the effect a move would have on the city of Brookings and the future of SDSU if they don’t make the move.

Students can find out more about the Division I study by visiting and then clicking on Division I Study on the left hand side of the screen.