Getting to know Miller: things you didn’t know


You probably know who she is.

President Peggy Gordon Miller’s face smiles from pamphlets, brochures and the SDSU Web site. The person in the photo works in the Administration building, room 222, and sleeps at Woodbine Cottage on the west edge of campus.

She is the first female president of a land grant university and the second to get married while in office (last fall to Bob Miller, an SDSU alum).

Here are some less-known things Miller shared with the Collegian last week.

One piece of advice she wished someone had given her in college was to study more science, because she’s had to study that on her own.

She wears an angel pin from her collection or an SDSU jackrabbit on the days she needs an extra burst of confidence.

She has given up Diet Coke for the unleaded version.

She has two grown children from her first marriage.

She has a special place in her heart for handicapped children because her daughter is legally blind.

If her life were made into a movie, she would want happy songs on the soundtrack and Katherine Hepburn in the starring role.

She does not paint her toenails because she says she has unattractive toes.

She really does like going to SDSU sporting events; she does not go just because it is part of her job.

She never leaves home without a notebook and pen.

She only has two piercings, one in each ear.

She says she is a good dancer.

She likes bubble baths.

She says her favorite day of the summer was the day students came back to campus because she loves the busyness and energy they bring.