It is time to make the jump to Div. I


As most of its students know, SDSU is considering the move to Division I athletics.

The thought of Division I athletics conjures up certain ideas. Televised games. The chance to compete with the best in the nation. The prestige that goes along with winning games at that level.

Of course, going up a notch is going to cost money. Coughlin Alumni Stadium and Frost Arena will have to be updated and refurbished. It will cost more to attract better athletes so SDSU can compete at a Division I level.

All in all, the move could cost the SDSU athletic department about $2 million dollars more per year, if it doesn’t stay frugal.

In addition, SDSU wouldn’t be competing with the Nebraskas of the world in college football or even going to bowl games. SDSU would likely compete in Division I-AA in football. This would mean that instead of visiting the Rose or Cotton Bowl to play Nebraska or Miami, SDSU would likely be playing the Gonzaga or other smaller schools.

SDSU would go straight Division I in all other sports. While the basketball team would not immediately be competitive with the Dukes of the world, some of our other teams might give Division I schools headaches. Our volleyball team, in particular, is one of the best athletic teams SDSU has ever fielded.