Emotional Battlefields

Jesse Christen

Jesse Christen

Those seeking of visual excitement take note: there is just over a week left to check out the dual exhibit of Brookings photographer Jen Conners and Minneapolis painter Erik T. Ritter at the Community Cultural Center, located at 524 4th St, Brookings.

The exhibit runs now through Sept. 27.

Many of Conners’ photographs capture the excitement of young life in Brookings; she says her photographs are an “[observation of] of life from a different angle.”

Conners refers to her work as “photo.graphic.design” and it covers different angles of photography such as landscapes, unusual portraiture and social scenes.

She uses a regular camera for her photography but uses Adobe Photoshop to create exciting visual pieces.

“I want the viewers (of the exhibit) to take a long look and ponder how each image affects them. Emotions rule our everyday life,” she says.

Many of her photos come from everyday events and also can be influenced by “dreams, memories, moments in time.”

Conners first developed her interest in photography after working for her high school as