State Senator Brown weighs in on Third “B” before S.A.


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

The Students’ Association heard more input on the Third “B” tax at their meeting Monday night, this time from representives of the state legislature.

State Senator Arne Brown said he will support legislation to exempt residence hall meal plans if the Students’ Association can prove voter support.

The city of Brookings and the downtown association supports the exemption of the meal plans from the Third “B” tax.

Brown proposed a meeting with a panel of legislators. Students’ Association representatives could provide a presentation of its exemption ideas or even a proposed bill. Fifteen legislators would attend the meeting, to be held this fall.

Brown said he felt that the strongest argument made by the Students’ Association has been that freshman and sophomore students required to live in the residence hall are also billed for a meal plan, whether they want one or not.

“They don’t have a choice…that’s a likely point you can use,” Brown commented.

He also said that other senators need to have a reason for passing legislation.

“There has to be some justification,” Brown explained.

The slow economy will influence how the legislature reacts to the suggestion of exemption, Brown advised the association.

“[The legislation] might fly a little bit better if there was a rebate, where it comes back to the students,” he explained.

Brown would not state his personal opinion on the meal exemption, though he did comment that he would support what the majority of the Students’ Association members wanted.

“If your constituents want that, you should honor it,” he said.

Brown said the bill will come up, even though he wasn’t yet sure if he would be comfortable presenting it himself.

“I’ll find someone who is.” Brown said.