Howling Halloween

Ann Charron

Ann Charron

As day turns into night on Oct. 31, the streets of Brookings will be running wild with the shrieks and howls of witches, devils, ghosts, ballerinas, football players and even Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Halloween, a time of trick-or-treating, causing mischief, and getting a little scared, is not just for children anymore.

No, the holiday spirit still lives on in some SDSU students.

“I go out to house parties, dress up and cut the rug,” Tara Kline, a junior from St. Paul, Minn. said.

Kline has kept a steady Halloween tradition since arriving on campus her freshman year.

A member of the campus organization Circle K, Kline first takes time to volunteer at the United Retirement Center.

“I volunteer over there for a couple of hours and do programs with the elderly. One year they had a band and another year they had Halloween bingo,” Kline said.

After volunteering, Kline heads home to get her costume for a night on the town.

Dressing up as a doctor the first year and as a 60s girl the next, Kline leaves this year as a surprise.

“I’ll probably go shopping around town and find a cool costume,” Kline said.

Kline said she is looking forward to seeing the trick-or-treaters as this is her first year out of the dorm.

“Hopefully some kids will come and see the lights on,” Kline said.

As some students head out in costumes, others plan on staying at home for the trick-or-treaters.

Margaret Kallemeyn, a junior from Rapid City, is looking forward to carving pumpkins, seeing the trick-or-treaters and just getting scared.

“This year I’ll have to attend Pharmacy Days but afterwards I plan to watch scary movies at a friend’s apartment,” Kallemeyn said.

Kallemeyn said that she also plans on carving pumpkins, buying candy and decorating.

“For this Halloween, I’m just looking forward to having fun and getting to see the trick-or-treaters again,” Kallemeyn said.

Roommates Ryan Carda and Drew Millard are also looking forward to the holiday.

“I’m looking forward to giving half of our stash of candy to one little kid,” Millard, a junior from Rockford, Minn., said.

Carda, a junior from Cresbard, said that he agrees, but if it is Skittles, he will probably keep them for himself.

While the roommates are anticipating many trick-or-treaters in bright and scary costumes coming to their door, they are also trying to narrow down an idea for a costume for themselves.

“I’ll probably dress up in a gorilla suit,” Carda said.

“If I was going to be something, I would be Sponge Bob Square Pants,” Millard said.

Both Millard and Carda said they do not have a complete plan yet for their Halloween night, but do plan on having fun.

Carda recommends that every student take part in the holiday tradition of Halloween.

“I would say get the craziest costume you can get and go out on the town,” Carda said.

#1.887821:3795300135.jpg:pumpkins.jpg:The pumpkin patch is a staple of Halloween. Poor Linus will be here on Halloween waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Others shop here for the perfect jack-o-lantern or pumpkin to smash in the street while walking home from the bar on Thursday night.: