Students and Hobo Day 2002

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As a very proud member of the SDSU Class of 1965, I want to congradualate the student body in how they conducted themselves during Hobo Week and including Hobo Day.

You are celebrating a tradition that started in 1912, so this event is very much a long time tradition. The traditional student is perhaps pre-occupied with new and innovative things. Why should you not be, the future is ahead of you and SDSU will prepare you for the future.

The excellent conduct of the students this year indicates that you also respect SDSU and its tradition of a Hobo Day celebration. Just to get a apprecation for this tradition, there is a group picture of the student body of 1912 on display at Thomkins Alumni Center. The background should give you an appreciation of the current campus and facilities.

Alchohol was a big part of student life and Hobo Day in the 1960’s when I was a student. Having grown up in the Brookings Community, I recall some years before my student days where the bars and taverns were crowed with students and often the celebration spilled into the streets and sometimes Main Street was undriveable due to broken glass. So those of you who have parents and grandparents who are SDSU graduates, they may not have always been an angel during Hobo Week. The point is you have rose about this behaviour and shown maturity in celebrating homecoming.

I guess the only regret about Hobo Day this year is that we did not win the football game, but our guys gave it their best and they could still have a very good season. Go Jacks!!

Again, I am very proud of the student conduct during Hobo Week

Clair D. HusbyColumbus, Nebraska Class of 1965