New military theme used, old Bum Band brought back


Jana L. Haas

The 2002 Hobo Day theme, Operation: Hobo Day, is new to SDSU’s homecoming celebration.

To coincide with this year’s new military-style theme, the University Program Council has added new events this year.

Justin Larson, UPC showcase coordinator, got the military theme idea when he attended an annual Residential Hall Association conference. The conference has a new theme each year and Larson brought the RHA’s “Operation” idea back to SDSU.

“We had a blast there and so I came back and presented the idea to Nick Wendell, (2001 Hobo Day Grand Pooba), and he liked it, so he picked it.

“I thought it was cool with all of the patriotism going on rightnow,” Larson said.

Sophomore Laura Effling said she thought the theme was a good idea.

“You can do a lot with it. It’s more than just military, you can do ‘Mission: Impossible’ things, as well,” she said.

The pool/dart tournament and karaoke contest, held in Jack’s Place Wednesday evening, are operating under the name Fort Bum, a play off this year’s military theme. (see sidebar)

The Bum Band is also returning this year.

Abby Bischoff, 2002 Hobo Day Grand Pooba, was interested in bringing the band back to Hobo Day celebrations.

The band has not been seen in recent years.

“When my mom went to SDSU, they always had a Bum Band, and I wanted to bring that back,” Bischoff said.

Members of the band “dress up like bums and play random instruments,” she said.

Tryouts for the Bum Band were held last week during auditions for Cavorts, the Hobo Days talent show. Cavorts is on Friday at 8 p.m. in Doner Auditorium.

Members of the Bum Band walk in front of the Grand Pooba during the Hobo Day Parade on Saturday.

Clubs, organizations, and residential halls can earn Spirit Points if their members participate by representing them in the Bum Band.