Groups compete for traveling trophy

Jill Fier

Jill Fier

Using a spirit points system, the University Program Council Hobo Day Committee keeps track of participation by residence halls, clubs and campus organizations in Hobo Day events.

Judges evaluate each activity scheduled for the week and award points, usually to those placing in the top three.

The points are totaled for each division at the end of the week. The winners with the highest totals will receive a travelling trophy, 2002 Hobo Day Grand Pooba Abby Bischoff said.

Dorm dwellers will have one more way to show their school spirit during this year’s Hobo Days.

Floor decorating is a new contest in which students can earn spirit points for their residence halls.

Students should base their decor on this year’s theme, “Operation: Hobo Day,” Bischoff, said.

Students will decorate the floors of their residence halls in a military and patriotic style using materials approved by that residence hall.

All halls will be judged Wednesday at 3 p.m. for the best theme representation. The winners receive 30, 20 or 10 spirit points for first, second or third place, respectively.

Spirit points will go towards the competition for the Hobo Days traveling trophy, Bischoff said.

Decorating started last weekend. Hall resident assistants coordinated the event.