What’s that smell?

Ann Charron

Ann Charron

While most on-campus SDSU students bring their hungry stomachs to Larson Commons, Medary Commons and the Student Union for breakfast, lunch and dinner, others sit down in their dorm rooms for a homemade entree.

Craving mom’s home cooking, students are not just digging out a package of Easy Mac anymore.

Now they are turning to their favorite recipes for a quick and easy meal.

Erin Bowar, a freshman pharmacy major from Faulkton, and her roommate, Paige Bangsund, a general registration major from Starbuck, Minn., often rely on their microwave and creative thinking to satisfy their hunger.

After living in Waneta Hall for two weeks, the girls came up with their own unique recipe for an egg sandwich.

“We wanted scrambled eggs and bacon but we didn’t want to get our dishes dirty so we made a sandwich out of it,” Bowar said.

After a successful attempt at cooking in their dorm rooms, both girls recommend the sandwich for any meal.”It’s absolutely great anytime,” Bowar said

Egg Sandwich2 eggs2 pieces of baconone slice of cheesechopped onion2 pieces of toast

Scramble eggs and cook in microwave until eggs are not runny anymore. Cook bacon in microwave, soaking the grease up with paper towels. Melt cheese on top of the eggs and add chopped onion. Crunch up bacon into the scrambled eggs and place between two pieces of toasted bread.

Melissa Stenzel, a junior from Wells, Minn. does not live in the dorms anymore but offers two quick and easy recipes for any student.

Stenzel, who lived in Pierson Hall her freshmen and sophomore years, brought back her favorite recipes from home- No Bake Cookies and Homemade Macaroni and Cheese.

“It’s easy and good and everybody likes them,” Stenzel said.

No Bake Cookies1/2 C. milk2 C. sugar1/2 C. butter3 T. cocoa1 tsp. vanilla1/2 C. peanut butter4 C. oatmeal

Boil milk, sugar, butter and cocoa together in microwave. Remove from heat. Add vanilla, peanut butter and oatmeal. Let it cool and then drop by teaspoons full on wax paper.

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese4 C. boiling hot water1 1/2 C. elbow noodles1 T. butter1/2 C. Velveeta cheese1/4 C. milkdash of salt and pepper to taste

Boil noodles in water in microwave until soft. Drain macaroni and add butter, cheese, milk, salt and pepper. Stir until melted.

While macaroni and cheese can be a quick and easy meal for some students, others rely on creative thinking and basic ingredients.

Chris Ball, a senior pharmacy major from Austin, Minn. who spent his first two years in Pierson Hall, recommends Spaghetti O’s and hot dogs for any student who does not have experience in cooking.

“It’s quick, easy, there’s no skill involved what so ever and it tastes great,” Ball said.

Spaghetti O’s and Hot Dogs1 can Spaghetti O’s2 Hormel hot dogsWarm up Spaghetti O’s. Warm up cut-up hot dogs. Mix them together.

Spaghetti O’s and Hot Dogs can be a meal in itself for some students. Other students enjoy a three course meal.

A junior nursing major from Polo, S.D., Nicki Galvin often relied on quick and easy appetizers between classes and before going to work at night.

Galvin, who resided in Brown her freshmen year and Pierson her sophomore year, recommends a crab and shrimp dip for a quick, finger-food snack.

“I got the idea from a friend. I decided to make it because it’s easy, quick and good,” Galvin said. “You can use it for an hors d’oeuvres, for lunch or supper, or for a snack.”

Crab and Shrimp Dip1 pkg. cream cheese1 pkg. imitation crab meat1 can of shrimp1 bottle of cocktail sauceRitz crackers

Take a glass plate and spread a cream cheese layer on. Pour cocktail sauce on next, enough to cover the cream cheese and add a second layer. Put can of drained shrimp on top. Tear pieces of crab and spread on top.

Serve cold with crackers for dipping.

Krista Kack, a sophomore diabetics major from Prior Lake, Minn. is not a professional chef, but she does enjoy cooking delicious appetizers and desserts.

“I make them because they are fun and easy and they’re a sweet and healthy snack,” Kack said.

She offers up these two recipes for a night in the dorm or for a great time-saving treat to take to a picnic or party.

Pickle Wraps1 pkg. cold-cut ham1 pkg. cream cheese1 jar of picklesTake a slice of ham, spread cream cheese on it and put pickle on it. Roll it up and slice into bite size pieces.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries1 pkg white or chocolate almond bark1 pkg of fresh strawberriesHeat 1/2 pkg of almond bark in microwave until melted. Dip strawberries in the almond bark and lay on wax paper to dry.