Incubus rocks Iowa

Abby Bischoff

Abby Bischoff

Proving their status as one of the biggest headlining rock bands hasn’t been a challenge for Incubus over the past few months.

Riding the wave of success from their double platinum album, Make Yourself the platinum Morning View, Incubus proved this at the Hilton Coliseum Oct. 8 in Ames, IA.

Making a stop at Iowa State University on the last leg of their Morning View tour, Incubus displayed their diverse song omnibus, stage presence and staying power.

The majority of the show consisted of songs off of their third album, Make Yourself, and their most recent release, Morning View, which was their most widely accepted mainstream album.

The show started off with the ripping guitar riff of “Circles” and followed with “Nice to Know You” and “Stellar.” For those Incubus fans who were looking for the punk-inspired songs from their S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album were left in the cold as “Glass” was the only older song that made the set list besides the show-closing “A Certain Shade of Green.”

The band plugged through two more singles off Morning View?”Wish You Were Here,” the highest ranking single on the Billboard charts off View, and then “Warning,” an eerily beautiful ballad promoting love and harmony. Brandon Boyd, the lead vocalist, and Mike Einziger, guitarist, pulled up some lounge furniture during the acoustic mini-set and interacted with the crowd, which was dominated by many inappropriately dressed and false-hope-filled pubescent girls waiting for Boyd to strip off his shirt.

Boyd didn’t indulge the young ladies until well into the second half of the show.

A mix of songs off both Make Yourself and Morning View scattered the last half of the show including “Just A Phase,” “Are You In,” “Pardon Me” and their biggest hit “Drive.”

Incubus came back out to perform “The Warmth” and finally “Aqueous Transmission.”

The final song left the crowd feeling more like they had experienced something than just seen a rock concert.