KSDJ receives $10,000 from SA for facility improvement

Tasi Livermont

Tasi Livermont

KSDJ Station Manager Ashley Allen succeeded in allaying the Students’ Association’s fears that the station had gone too far in asking for a $10,000 emergency allocation.

The SA voted Monday night to accept the emergency allocation for KSDJ.

During last week’s meeting, SA advisors Marysz Rames and Zeno Wicks asked Allen to get a second opinion about the condition of KSDJ’s facilities.

Since that meeting, Allen discussed the issue with Jim Paulson, professor of journalism and mass communication. Paulson is familiar with FCC regulations.

“In Jim Paulson’s and my opinion it is important to move ahead as quickly as possible,” Allen said Monday night.

The emergency allocation will be used to fix the station’s transmitter, remote monitoring system and Emergency Alert System.

The FCC will be most concerned with equipment failure, versus the station’s paperwork issues, Allen said.

Paulson had also advised Allen to come up with a plan of action before calling the FCC and admitting fault.

Paulson and Allen hope that calling the FCC will prevent that agency from taking action against the station for non-compliance. The station’s problems could result in fines, loss of license or permanent loss of its assigned frequency.

Allen reminded the SA that in order to provide a plan of action to the FCC the station would first need the money to make needed changes.

Charnel Peterson, an SA ex-officio, advised KSDJ to avoid the loss of its frequency.

“If you are going to improve the system, you need to do it quietly and quickly,” Peterson said.

In other business, the SA approved the Music Council budget and the W.A.I.T.T. budget.