Ram offers quiet dining experience

Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy

Looking for a quiet place to go in Brookings to enjoy a meal? Then the Ram Pub is the place to go.

The atmosphere in the restaurant lends itself to quiet coversation between a couple or a small group of friends.

My friend Amy and I were quickly seated in the a booth in the back of the restaurant. There are few booths and they are sort of boxed off from the rest of the customers. It made for a more intimate atmosphere than sitting at a table in the open area.

There were old pictures of downtown Brookings, which added a nice historical touch to the atmosphere.

Sevice at the Ram was a bit on the slow side the night I was there. It took the waitress 15 minutes to come and take our drink orders. People in a hurry should not choose the Ram for a quick meal.

Once the waitress actually came to our table, the service picked up considerably, and she visited our table throughout the evening, making sure that we had enough to drink and that we were satisfied with our meals.

For drinks, I ordered a strawberry daquiri and my friend ordered a Mountain Dew. Both were served in a reasonable amount of time.

For an appetizer, I ordered cheddar cheese balls, which were served quickly and steaming hot. They were crunchy and delicious. The only thing I did not really like was that it was served on a leaf of lettuce, which seemed strange to me.

I guess it is all about the presentation, but I did not like it and it left a vegetable taste on all the cheese balls that touched it.

Glancing through the menu, which looks like an old time newspaper and is confusing to people who are looking through it for the first time, I ordered what I thought would be appropriate, a Jack Burger, or a cheese burger with pepperjack cheese and fries. Amy ordered a regular cheese burger.

The food was pretty good, therefore making the initial wait worthwhile. The only complaint that I had was that the bun on my Jack burger fell apart while I was eating, making it difficult to eat.

Towards the end of the meal our water glasses were refilled, which was nice since I had finished my drink.

The bill for the meal was on the expensive side for a college student, but it was about right for the meal.

Overall my experience at the restaurant was great. The food more than made up for the wait that we endured. I give the Ram three stars.