The war in Iraq shows the need to form a long lasting world peace

Dianne Nagy

Dianne Nagy

With President Bush receiving the green light from Congress to attack Iraq, many are left wondering if world peace will ever be a reality. Let me assure you that peace is not only possible, it is inevitable. It is the next stage in the evolution of this planet.

As the human race has matured and received progressive revelations from God, its members have successively established unity of the family, the tribe, the city-state, and the nation. World unity is the next logical step in our social and spiritual progress.

History suggests that the administrative system necessary to govern a global peace will only emerge from the aftermath of a world war without winners. World War I resulted in the establishment of the League of Nations. World War II brought about the United Nations. Neither of these international organizations have been successful at maintaining peace because the victorious powers were unwilling to give up any of their sovereignty.

However, a global war with no victor would likely result in nations willing to relinquish some of their sovereignty to an international body in order to achieve peace and stability.