New C-store will be hot ‘stop’ for Hobos

Rebecca Schultze

Rebecca Schultze

The new convenience store in Medary Commons has a new name ? Hobo Stop.

Sophomore broadcast journalism major Wendy McBrayer from Parkston, S.D., was the winning entrant in a contest held to find a name for the store.

“[Hobo Stop] just came to me,” McBrayer said.

McBrayer was shopping at the Jackrabbit Store located in Larson Commons when she saw the contest box and information. She decided to ask the store cashier about the contest.

McBrayer said that the cashier told her about the contest to name the new store in Medary Commons and that the winner would receive a $50 gift certificate to either the new store or to the Jackrabbit Store.

McBrayer said that she would mostly spend her $50 on food at the Jackrabbit Store on the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 4. She said that she was also buying a picture frame for her mom.

Jessica Morgan, SDSU manager of campus conferences, said that students could register a potential store name at either the store in Larson Commons or the store in Medary Commons.

The SDSU dining service staff voted on the potential store names that students submitted.

Morgan said that a new sign for the store will be up by the end of November.

The new store was built in response to student feedback. Students did not like traveling across campus to the store in Larson Commons.

In addition to the new store, students have an additional 400 square feet of shopping space in the Jackrabbit Store.

The Jackrabbit Store expanded from 600 square feet to 1000 square feet to make room for a variety of new products.

#1.887943:2495547353.jpg:store.jpg:Wendy McBrayer, center, entered the winning name for the convenience store in Medary Commons ? Hobo Stop. McBrayer is pictured after spending her $50 gift certificate in the Jackrabbit Store with Michael Swartz, assistant manager of Larson Commons, and Jennifer Hauf, manager of Larson Commons.: