Switching to Division I

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As an alumnus I felt it was about time I spoke up about switching divisions. I purposely chose the Collegian anticipating my opinion being read by the people with the most at stake with this change.

Since the “feasability study” was announced I have spoken to at least a dozen alumni who believe switching to Divison I is a mistake. Yes, I agree that Div II has been diluted with schools who should still be NAIA, but does that affect the North Central Conference? It certainly isn’t the case that SDSU has been so dominant in Div II that moving up to Div I is the next logical step.

Where will the money come from for the additional expense of being a Div I school? Has the alumini been polled as to what will happen to alumni financial support if this change happens?

Would I rather attend a game between State and USD or Augie, or a school such as Montana State?USD and Augie have been big games no matter what each teams respective record was. Has there been a time when the newspaper write up of the games has not quoted a player from SDSU saying “we always get up for USD” or “it sure feels good to beat Augie”? Even if we end up with a losing record it doesn’t feel so bad if we have beaten both USD and Augie.

As an alumni I am very proud of SDSU, but I think switching to Divsion I would be a big mistake.


Robert A MooreScotland, SDClass of 1975