KSDJ pleads to SA


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

The Students’ Association heard pleas from KSDJ Station Manager for money during open forum Monday night.

“The station is not doing so hot, FCC-wise and money-wise,” said Ashley Allen, the highly debated KSDJ manager.

A recent survey of the station by student employees, revealed that, out of the 81 items needed for Federal Communications Commission compliance, only 32 passed the test.

The station’s equipment is mostly out of date and the transmitter needs to be replaced, Allen said.

Besides equipment regulations, KSDJ paperwork also needs to meet standards.

To better understand these laws and regulations and KSDJ standing, Allen said he first needs to find the old FCC liscense.

Allen presented a “State of the Station Report” to the senate Monday.

In it, he said, “Equipment is not the only problem for compliance. There are also other issues about our public file and records that need to be taken care of….I believe we can be to complete compliance within six months.”

Allen further said that part of the station’s public file has been scattered in several different places including an old storage unit.

In other business, members of the American Society of Civil Engineers spoke about their conference which will take place next spring and be held at the multi-plex.