SA amid busy budget season

Adam Zobel

Adam Zobel

The Students’ Association Senate approved the allocation of just over $74,000 in student fees for the 2003-2004 school year at their Monday meeting.

Among the beneficiaries were the International Relations Club, $15,500; the Native American Club, $7,575; Staters for State, $3,000; and the Students’ Association itself, $48,312.

Representatives of each organization defended their proposed budgets and were eventually granted their requested funding with little dissention.

The IRC budget received dissenting votes from senators Michael King and Joe Sullivan.

In his explanation of the SA budget, which asked for a two percent increase in funding, SA President Dan Hansen told senators, “I inherited a messy budget.”

The two percent increase corresponded to $922 more for the SA to spend in the school year.

Overall proposed spending for the SA increased six percent. This figure includes an expected carry over of $3,242 from the previous year’s budget process.

Further funding for the SA Senate could come from in-house fundraising efforts pending the approval of the entire Senate.

At the meeting, senators also agreed to pay the $25 dues for a representative on the Ag/Bio Prexy Council, a board intended to promote the College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences.