Oakwood gets $2,300 from SA

Jared Clark

Jared Clark

The SA Senate approved a $2,300 budget for the Oakwood literary and art magazine.

The magazine, published yearly with cooperation from the English and Graphic Design department features poems, short stories and art showcasing the abilities of SDSU students of all disciplines.

The book also includes submissions from area high school students as part of a competition to promote participation in the arts. As part of the competition, prizes have been awarded to winners in the past.

Althought the SA Senate voted to strike 300 dollars from the Oakwod budget that would have been used for prizes, the magazine met positive remarks from SA Senators.

“I think the Oakwood is a geat representation of literary and artistic achievement at SDSU,” said SA Senator Jill Spindler.

Last year’s magazine features submissions from 50 participants, selected from a pool of over 150 entries.

Three co-editors and an advisor from the English department take care of overall administration. Additionally, graphics design students and an entire graphics design class provide assistance with design and students are involved in magazine’s content judging and in final preparation for printing.