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Ann Charron

Ann Charron

October 28, 1922

A large parade and student spirit drew 14,000 people to take part in the South Dakota State College’s Hobo Day celebration. The band, under the direction of Professor Carl Christenson, worked to add much enthusiasm toward the celebration. The band was divided up into two sections, the Hobo band and the Kiltie band, for the morning’s parade. State College also added another band to the celebration. A novelty of the Northwest, the Gipsy band, otherwise known as the girls band, made an appearance in the Hobo Day parade.

October 27, 1948

State College’s rebounding Jackrabbits ripped their way to two touchdowns in the early stages of the first period Saturday and went down fighting the Augustana Vikings 20-6 to add a fitting touch to the Rabbit’s Hobo Day festivities. The victory gave the Jacks a two-and-two record in conference action and gave them undisputed possession of fourth place in the loop.

October 12, 1971

A bill for $350 was submitted to members of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at the University of Vermillion of South Dakota, for damages to the Hobo Day Bummobile. The 60-year-old Model “T” Ford was stolen Thursday night from the committee garage and towed 120 miles to Vermillion with the car in gear. Upon finding the car, committee members removed the several Dakota Days stickers plastered on the famed antique car and tried to evaluate the damage.

October 24, 1990

Over the two-day Hobo Day celebration, 54 people were arrested for criminal activity as parties erupted into a riot situation at times. Ten of the people were held in the Brookings County detention center on felony charges until Monday. Both nights contained instances of overturned cars and numerous arrests, but Saturday night proved to be more devastating in terms of destruction and criminal activity. Both the police and fire departments received calls as parking lights and signs were knocked down, fires broke out and cars were overturned. At one point, a KSFY-TV car was overturned and the cameraman was knocked on the ground.

#1.887959:10637255.jpg:hist.jpg:Pictured are the members of the 1919 South Dakota State College football team.: