Hockey team splits two vs. Des Moines

Michael Gill

Michael Gill

Playing against a thin-benched Des Moines Collegiate Hockey Club the Jacks couldn’t pull off the victory last Saturday night and exhausted DMCHC on Sunday at the Larson Ice Complex in Brooking.

With the 8-7 loss on Saturday before the packed stands and a 12-6 victory on Sunday, the Jackrabbit hockey club improved their record to 6-3-1 for the season.

Saturday DMCHC was able to keep thier legs and lungs in the game, despite having only two subs. DMCHC won the game at the 1:03 mark in the 3rd period with a goal by Jim Krueger assisted by Tony Weil warding off the Jack’s late surge.

The late Jackrabbit surge came after DMCHC built a large 5-1 lead early in the second period. After the 5th DMCHC goal the

Jacks exploited their tired opponents for three goals in a minute and 55 second stint, two of them coming from right-winger Nate Bofenkamp.

Getting back into the game quickly the Jacks traded goals throughout the third, tying it up with 3:34 left to go in the game with an un-assissted goal by Andy Schuster .

Due to the probable DMCHC exhaustion or the bitterness of falling short in Saturday’s game, the Jacks came out swinging Sunday.

The Jacks outshot DMCHC 23-8 in the first period , ending it with a 4-2 lead.

In the second period the two teams evened out when by the coach’s urging the Jacks ran DMCHC into the ground.

In the third period the Jacks lit up the lamps, scoring 5 goals in the 3rd period in pursuit of the 12-6 final.

With the impressive scoring output of the weekend the Jacks look forward to Mankato State University at home Dec. 6-7.