Reflections on the Collegian’s first semester

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

So here we go.

Finals week is yet again upon us and once again I’m incredibly stressed out at the sheer variety of things I have to do before I can go home and sleep through various major holidays.

You try putting together a newspaper, being in a play, writing paper after paper, taking test after test, cleaning a landfill of a room and seeing the second “Lord of the Rings” movie in the space of about 14 days!

Told ya’ you couldn’t do it.

Seriously, though, this marks the first semester of the new and improved Collegian (now in living color!) and all of us on staff here are proud of the semester we’ve had.

To be fair, our editor-in-chief occasionally gets a little uppity about spacing issues, but that’s when we lock her in the old darkroom and let her scream out her frustrations.

But, by and large, it’s been a great time. And I’m saying this as someone who swore he’d never work for this newspaper again somewhere in the middle of his sophomore year.

We would like to thank you, our readers, for making this first semester such a great time with your comments, thoughts and occasional death threats. We do it all for you and we hope you’re happy.

If you’re not, we can always bring you a hot fudge sundae. That should perk you right up!

We’re going to be making a few small changes next semester. Nothing to worry about (unless you’re President Miller, in which case, our papparazzi are waiting).

However, we would like to know what we’re doing that you think we should keep doing and what needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!

Please let us know what you regularly read and turn to. If we know what columns you especially enjoy, we can give those columnists pay raises or bigger text boxes or something. And if you really despise someone, let us know that too.

Seriously though, write to us at [email protected] and let us know what you think.

And make sure to have a happy holiday season.

Write Todd VanDerWerff at [email protected].