Board of Regents to meet this week


The South Dakota Board of Regents will meet this week to discuss the creation of a new regents scholarship program.

The proposal stems from a current bill under consideration in the South Dakota House of Representatives to “allow South dakota’s most academically accomplished high school graduates to receive an affordable education.”

Proposed requirements include an ACT composite of 24 or better, residency in the state, completion of required high school courses and matriculation to an accredited school within the state within a year after high school graduation.

As proposed, students could earn up to $6,000, broken up over the course of four years.

The BOR will take action expressing its opinion of the program, and the legislature is expected to act on the proposal within this session. Look for more information on the scholarship in coming issues of the Collegian.

In addition to the scholarship proposal, Regents will discuss a proposed new funding scheme and a facility program plan for residential facilities at the University of South Dakota.

The BOR meets Wednesday and Thursday in Pierre.