Greek groups get going

Jill Fier

Jill Fier

South Dakota State University fraternities and sororities continued to host events this week as a part of recruitment activities that began last week.

The events are organized by local Greek chapters in order to find new recruits to join the organizations.

Chi Omega President Jessica Schneider said the events held over the last week or so are referred to as “recruitment week” because Rush week carries such negative stereotypes.

“Rush implies hazing, and we don’t call the recruits pledges, either,” she said.

Schneider said that all events during recruitment week are non-alcoholic and are open to all majors.

Sigma Phi Epsilon President Jeff Nolz also said that they, as well as many organizations nationally, try to stay away from the term “Rush” because of the stereotypes associated with it do not reflect what the organizations are about.

Activities throughout the week included scavenger hunts, bowling, parties, dinner and other free activities to give students a chance to check out any group they were interested in.

Schneider said some students might not realize that fraternities and sororities are looking for new recruits during the spring semester and many organizations do not get as large a turnout as they would during the fall recruitment week as a result.

Nolz said that is not the case for Sigma Phi Epsilon, though.

“We average five to ten new recruits each semester, and we usually do the same in the spring as in the fall, but a lot (of organizations) get more in the fall.”

Nolz also said that their fraternity is able to ask anyone to join at anytime, and this past week is just used to raise public awareness and interest for the group.

Schneider said the Chi Omega activities last week drew at least 10 recruits, but there is no obligation to join if they just want to come and check the group out.

After recruitment week is over, she said that the girls that are asked to initiate are chosen based on criteria like grade point averages and personality.