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CTV: Get Turned On will take students on a wild ride through the ’80s with television flashbacks when Capers hits the stage this Wednesday.

Tristan Tom, a senior communication studies and theatre major, is the executive producer of this year’s student-run production. Since Capers 2003 covers the last 20 or so years, the student audience will be able to connect personally with the show.

“It’s appealing to our own time period,” he said. “A lot of it goes back to when we were kids. There’s stuff that’s going to hit really close to home, in a good way.”

Tom has been involved in Capers since his freshman year. “I started off as Alex Trebek, and after that I thought I’d never do Capers again. But now I’m sitting on the top of the hill.”

Though challenging, the experience of directing the entire performance has many rewards.

“It’s so overwhelming, but not overwhelming in a bad way,” he said. “I love being surrounded by all these people. I love seeing it all come together. I love all these people that come in here as strangers and leave as friends in a three-week period. It’s a great feeling.”

The end of Capers will be both a relief and a letdown for Tom.

“It’s stressful, but I’m having fun with everybody. I want it to end, but I don’t,” he explained. He is looking forward to showing off the final product.

“We’re getting down to the end of things when things start falling into place,” he said. “The script people have worked so hard. There’s not a random moment.”

Like most Capers, “the sex and the booze” will generate a lot of laughs, Tom said. However, this year is different in some respects.

“This year it’s not in-your-face,” he said. “It’s subtle, yet it’s very … oh god, I don’t even want to get into it.” However, he did let on that “this humor will appeal to the common college student.”

Organized by the theatre group Alpha Psi Omega, Capers is open to students from all majors. This year’s cast has almost 140 people.

“I’m still in awe at how smooth it’s running,” Tom said.

He is impressed with everyone’s dedication to the show. “Everyone is in one mind frame: they’re all doing it for the students. They’re putting everything they can into making it for everyone else,” he said.

“These people want to be here, want to put on a good show, and they’re having fun doing it.”

He is especially proud of the group numbers. “The end number is nothing short of amazing,” he said. “My choreographers, music people, directors–they’ve worked their little hearts out.”

Junior CST major Katie Pope also emphasized how willing the cast is to work hard.

“This year everybody really seems to be giving 110 percent,” she said.

“Everyone’s truly coming together to make this one good.”

The crazy two weeks of rehearsing every day, though hectic, provide a stress reliever of sorts.

“It’s a time to just let loose and be wild and crazy,” she said. “You can do things you wouldn’t normally do and get away with it–and they encourage you.”

Involved in dancing scenes as well as a skit called “As the Nursing Home Turns,” Pope enjoys the theme of the show.

“It’s fun looking back at all those shows you grew up with.”

Freshman Tyler De Neui, majoring in electronics engineering technology with a minor in CST, was surprised when he wound up with a lead singing role.

“I was real surprised. I thought I would end up with the smaller role of Frodo, because people tell me I look like him.”

Though the time commitment is “huge–every single day, three to four hours,” it hardly feels like work. Echoing Tom and Pope, De Neui said,

“It’s something we all love to do, so we don’t have any problem coming.”

He is looking forward to giving the audience a treat. “Everybody (in the cast) is totally trying to bring the audience into it,” he said.

“Obviously we’re having a riot on stage.”

Capers runs Jan. 22 through 25 in Doner Auditorium at 8 p.m. with a matinee at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets are $5 with a student ID, $10 for reserved seats, and $8 for adults.

#1.887593:3862994195.jpg:capers.jpg:Students rehearse a dance number set to ?You?re Making Me High? by Toni Braxton for Capers. The show starts on Wednesday.: