Herseth directs new Farmers Union


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

South Dakota Farmers Union Foundation has found a new spokeswoman, lawyer and director in Stephanie Herseth, South Dakota’s former Democratic congressional candidate.

The foundation, which began on paper in October 2001, originally held all of the pre-existing Farmers Union youth programs. The 501C3 nonprofit organization now plans to one day be a grant program used to enrich farm families, small rural business people as well as the state’s young people.

Though the foundation has existed for two years, Herseth says that it is still in the basic planning stage. That is where her expertise profits the foundation.

“There is a lot of energy among the people involved; we just need to be sure we’re laying our bricks right,” Herseth said.

With her background as a lawyer, Herseth is confident she will be able to start and keep the organization on a strong legal footing.

But Herseth says that she is not the key to the foundation’s success.

“I’m not out to prove myself, but to prove the cause of the foundation which I believe in,” Herseth said.

Herseth is busy getting a game plan ready for the Farmers Union Board of Trustees to approve. Such a plan will include future goals for the organization, including legal documents.

After the groundwork is laid, Herseth will start fundraising and program planning.

Herseth’s base of operations is currently located in Brookings. She can be reached at PO Box 8005, Brookings, 57006 or at 605-692-3020.