DBI instructs owners on historical benefits

Krista Tschetter

Krista Tschetter

Downtown Brookings Inc., the organization of Brookings representatives who hope to analyze and improve small business in town, is taking another step toward informing business owners.

The group has scheduled a pizza-and-pop workshop for Feb. 24 at 6 p.m., at the Old City Hall firehall at 310 4th St.

The workshop will inform historic commercial property owners about preservation tax incentives.

The public is also invited, even if they don’t own historic commercial property.

The presentation will be preceded by a 5 p.m. “happy hour tour” of Skinner’s Pub at 300 Main Avenue and Old City Hall in downtown Brookings, both of which have used tax incentives for preservation.

Lynda B. Schwan and Joy E. Sears of the State Historic Preservation Office in Pierre will lead the workshops.

Schwan, a historic preservation specialist, will discuss the benefits and requirements of being listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

She will also discuss the Deadwood Fund Grant and how it operates, as well as what programs it funds.

Sears, a restoration specialist, will discuss the State Historic Preservation Property Tax Moratorium and the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit, among other tax incentives for preservation.

She will break down the programs for attendees and show how they can benefit property owners in maintaining and improving historic buildings.

Each participant will receive a packet containing information about Federal Income Tax Credits and the Property Tax Moratorium.

Both presenters will visit commercial properties Tuesday morning.

Property owners can schedule a tour of their property by calling the DBI at 692-1554, or schedule one at the workshop.

Property owners should also complete an inventory on their commercial property and bring it to the workshop with them.

Inventory forms are also available at the DBI office.

The inventory will help owners understand what tax incentives for preservation they qualify for.

They will also learn which benefits they are eligible for.

Those interested can pre-register by calling the DBI office at 692-1554.

#1.887388:552895078.jpg:dbi2.jpg::#1.887387:3402569491.jpg:dbi.jpg:Skinner?s Pub (left) and Old City Hall (above) have both benefitted from preservation tax incentives they are eligible for because of their historical status. Downtown Brookings Incorporated is holding a workshop on Feb. 24 to educate other commercial property owners on these options.:photos courtesy of Downtown Brookings Inc.