Duty calls, student prepares

Theanne Tangen

Theanne Tangen

Hi, I am Theanne Tangen a sophomore majoring in journalism here at our very own SDSU.

I was working at Harold’s Photo and a as photographer for the Collegian campus newspaper until Uncle Sam decided that I needed something more action-packed in my life.

I am a member of the 74Oth transportation unit here in Brookings, which makes me an 88M (a heavy vehicle operator.)

As of last week I was called on alert, which means processing to be ready for active duty. This includes physicals and immunizations, which meant waiting in lines for hours. After all, that’s what the Army is all about!

Unfortunately, on Feb. 9, 2003, we finally received the news that we have all been waiting for: the final call-up.

I am no longer a weekend warrior, but I am swiftly becoming a proud member of the U.S. army.

We will head out for a mini-basic training full of activities such as rifle markmanship, gas chamber and final preparations.

When I joined the guards Jan. 27, 2001, my original thought for the guards was that it would be an awesome opportunity for the college benefits and the overall experience.

Then Sept. 11 came knocking on the door while I was at basic training. Suddenly, reality struck, bringing the possibility of being deployed to war. Those college benefits didn’t seem to matter anymore. As a drill sergeant would say, “Don’t thank me, thank your recruiter!”

If we go overseas, I have been told to look on the bright side: warmer weather and an outstanding ratio of men to woman.

Nobody knows exactly where, when or what we will be doing. As for now our destination is unknown.