Young Mr. DJ Steckelberg has GONE WILD!

Dj Steckelberg

Dj Steckelberg

Spring Break!! Woo!

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I think spring break is a great idea. I mean you get to go some place warm forget about all of your regular inhibitions and go crazy with co-eds from around the nation.

What could be better for a young SDSU student right? Wrong.

You may not know this my young friends, but good ol’ S.D. has a spring break that is considerably earlier than the rest of the country. Everything is still deserted for a couple of weeks when we get there.

And don’t think your parents had nothing to do with this!

Let’s say you are still willing to spend the time and money. What are you going to do? Don’t think I haven’t thought this over.


On this spring break you and all of your under-21-year-old friends decide to jump in your friends jeep wrangler and head to Canada.

How expensive can it be? You heard that Americans were rich up there. Everybody should only need a couple of hundred dollars for the whole week! You will head up there, hit the bars every night, stay in a nice place and maybe make it with a couple of hot Canadians.

However, since you aren’t 21, you have no idea how much money a night in the bar can cost; SO you spend all of your money at the first bar you come to, head to an all-night Perkins you saw on your way into town, sleep in your car, wake up, figure out that you’re broke, head for home, blow a radiator hose and sit all Saturday on the side of the road waiting for your car to get fixed so you can get home, clean yourself up and work for the rest of the week to help your friends pay for the cost of getting the car fixed (and that smell out).


Here, you will leave sunny S.D. and fly into a 40 degree Las Vegas with the rest of the week not looking all that much better.

That’s O.K. You and your pals are flexible so you rent a car and head out on a southern California road trip.

You see bill boards for the tar pits, actually luck out and drive right past Mann’s Chinese Theatre and see the Hollywood sign from about three miles away on a free way.

Then its off to San Diego!

Here you have a good time experiencing the night life in the gas light district. The next morning you head off to San Diego State University so you can see the other SDSU.

Then it’s off to Tijuana! After seven hours of walking around the dirtiest town you have ever been in, wondering how in the world you haven’t been killed by traffic yet or why the plague isn’t a topic of discussion here, you decide to head back to America with a $15 Rolex rip-off watch you bought for $25 on your wrist as a souvenir.


You leave with a bunch of your friends, get sick, spend all of your money, get sunburned and pass out with a stranger. Of all three, this is the most successful.

Don’t look for me on any of these trips, I as a rule, like to avoid fun things.

I will be at home playing Scrabble with my parents.

DJ Steckelberg is lying. He will be spending this spring break fighting crime, saving the world from evil geniuses, making love to many gorgeous women and eating ribs. Write him [email protected].