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I am a regular reader of Collegian, however, after a long time I came across a diversified issue of Collegian (February 4, 2003) so thought to pass on my compliments. Not only the main page articles on sex, teaching, Wal-Mart, and National Guard but also the inner pages containing sports, housing, lifestyle and arts and entertainment were interesting. I observed that the “head lines and picture” attracted many new readers and very few copies were left on the corridors. Articles on housing and health insurance were carefully prepared with a good homework, and others particularly on sex and teaching needed more work and survey. The “online poll” column is interesting, however, the result has significance when great numbers of students/readers participate and respond. I went to attend “Can history help us understand the current crisis in Iraq” at Pheasant room, USU 167 at 4.00 p.m. and found none there! Later, I confirmed this event in “event calendar” page-11 in the Collegian, which said the calendar is for 1/22 through 1/28 (for the February 4, issue!!)

-Nitin Joshi, Grad Student, Dairy Science, 688-6371.