Dear Diary

Jason Jorgensen

Jason Jorgensen

Jason Jorgensen is a sophomore journalism major who is also a member of the National Guards.

I would like to talk a bit about the U.S. Military. I received a phone call last week from my guard unit telling me to “get ready!”

My first thought was, “Another slumber party!? Honestly, I cannot afford to lose another pillow. Those things are expensive, you know.”

Then the man on the other end of the phone eased my worries when he told me we were not having a slumber party, but instead we were being put on a “Grazing Herd Alert.” We were required to attend drill for a week to get ready, so when the President called we could say that we’re ready.

So right after the call I got ready for drill. I tied my boots, straightened my beret, double-checked to make sure I had enough cigarettes, slid my official GI Joe Combat Survival Swiss Army Knife into my pocket, and set out on my way to defend this great nation.

Reaching my guard station, I got worried and my mind began to wander. What will happen to us? Are we going directly to the war from here? Are they just playing with our heads? Is that rash I have contagious?

My worries were once again relieved. They began to inform us on the present situation using a series of briefings and classes. I honestly think these briefings were designed calm our nerves because they talked about how deadly anthrax and nerve gas are, and then made sure our Wills and Life Insurance papers were up to date. I felt much better after that.

We then spent the rest of the week double-checking our gear, making sure our vaccines and medical papers were up to date (I am now immune to typhoid!), and getting our vehicles ready to be shipped.

Waiting has got be the worst part for a guardsman. When you’re over there, wherever that maybe, all you have to concentrate on is your job. Here you have to juggle family life, school life, work life, and military life all at once, and at the same time wonder if the next phone call is going to be from your guard unit, or simply from that pizza delivery guy STILL LOST TRYING TO FIND YOUR HOUSE!