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Good morning!!I just read the article about sex at SDSU and I have to say … it’s about time! I remember when Capers talked about sex blatantly two years ago, I do have to say that it was one of the best Capers I’ve ever seen. It dealt with it honestly and openly. I had such a great time watching alumni and student squirm in their seats.

I’ve taken Professor Ceglian’s Human Sexuality class. The class was full and I called her to get into her class. I told her who I was, that I am gay and I want to learn more about myself and sexuality in general. I went to her office and she was surprised to see a guy (me) who lift weights everyday, drinks beer and hangs out w/ his pals – a regular guy who happens to date guys. The class was phenomenal! I did learn a lot and I told her things about being an open gay guy in South Dakota. I periodically keep in touch with her and vice versa.

Since I graduated from SDSU in 2001, I did move to Minneapolis, MN. I have noticed something. The people use to see at the frat houses and house parties, I see them now at the gay bars. Are they gay or lesbian? Maybe. Are they just hanging out with their friends? Maybe. Do I judge them for who they are whatever their sexual prowess may be? No and why should I?

I know there will be letters about “talking about sex is bad!” Why? If we don’t talk about sex, we are putting ourselves at risk by the lack of knowledge of STDs. birth control, AIDS, sexuality and others.

Thank you for opening up the discussion on sex. Hopefully, the minds of students can open up about the pros and cons of sex.

Sincerely,Robert Allen2001 graduateMinneapolis, MN