Building on community

John Hult

John Hult

Ryan Siebrasse is a busy guy.

The SDSU sophomore juggles directing the Brookings Community Theater’s first production in nearly 30 years with both acting and technical roles in State University Theater’s The Laramie Project and 20 academic credits as he works toward the completion of his Physics and CST majors.

So what, right? The SDSU campus is full of overachievers, overextenders and just plain crazy kids who seem to ooze peppy motivation from their every collegiate pore. Indeed, almost everyone knows at least one student who is involved in more activities than they have fingers and toes. Besides that–everyone is busy, right?

The difference is in the reasoning.

Near the end of November last year, Siebrasse already knew that he would be one of the crazy kids. But when he saw a sign outside the office of the Communication Studies and Theater Department announcing the formation of the troupe, he couldn’t resist.

“I said I would offer my technical experience, since I’d learned to construct sets and work on sound,” Siebrasse said.

Along with area photographer and longtime Brookings resident Stuart Melby, KBRK Morning Show co-host Brian Eclov and several others, Siebrasse has committed his time to the project for more than resum