The political world needs more thought and dissent

Megan Dahle

Megan Dahle

Ah, the sweet sound of dissent.

France, Germany and Russia have all taken a strong stand against the United States when it comes to our hard-line policy on war with Iraq.

But frankly, I’m tired of talking about war.

The important element in this issue is dissent. Something I’d like to see a lot more often in American politics. I don’t care what side you’re on, or what issue is at hand.

It all goes along with apathy.

I hear people bitch about our government or a particular politician all the time. But when I ask them whom they voted for, they give me this blank look as if I was speaking to them in Zambonese. The worst are those who have not idea what’s going on in politics.

Do people enjoy being ignorant? Do they think it makes them appear laid back?

How is it possible to not have an opinion on going to war? Do these people really care that little for their fellow man?

How sad.

These people are exactly what’s wrong with our governmental system.

If you don’t participate, you do not have the right to complain about the government, or even your lot in life.

So knock it off.

But then there are those who do participate in government, but instead of using logic and reason to make their decisions, they use emotions and passion without any care to consequences.

These are generally the people who like winning at all costs, and generally have no idea what the prize is or what the race is about. This happens on both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats.

All I ask is that you pay attention. Question policies, ideas and consequences.

Why be a sheep? Don’t let politicians appeal to your emotions.

If you do let them get you through emotion, it shows you’re weak and will follow anyone.

Dissent is much different than whining.

Dissent implies logical reasoning.

Germany, France and Russia know exactly what they stand against and for and why.


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