I’ll bet you


Charlie Maricle

Okay people, March Madness is officially here.

Selection Sunday was, of course last, Sunday.

The field of 64 plus one is set for both the men and women. Yes, the plus one thing is silly but it’s not the worst mistake the selection committee has made.

These are my picks for the men’s and women’s Final Four.

Two quick disclaimers. I haven’t watched a full women’s basketball game all year, thus I know nothing about women’s college basketball. Secondly, I have picked the last two out of three men’s National Champions.

On the men’s side, the final four will be; Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland and Louisville. Don’t worry about how they got there, just know they did.

Kentucky will play Kansas and Maryland plays Louisville.

Kentucky will beat Kansas with their depth and unrelenting defense. And Louisville will do the same to Maryland.

Thus the matchup of the century. Kentucky vs. Louisville. Red vs. Blue. Pitino vs. Pitino’s replacement.

In the end, Kentucky will prevail. Not with an overpowering superstar or a great offensive performance. Kentucky will win by defense. Because defense wins championship.

For the women, it will be; North Carolina, Duke, Kansas State and Louisiana State. Again don’t worry about how just know they’re there.

Duke will beat UNC. And Louisiana St. beats Kansas St.

This sets up … Duke vs. LSU. I don’t think these teams have any crazy history like the men’s side, but maybe this will make some.

Duke will prevail. They have the ACC Player of the Year, Alana Beard, and a nasty defense like Kentucky.

Kansas St., despite the Big 12 Player of the Year Nicole Ohlde, will not get to the National Championship. Instead, SEC Freshman of the Year Seimone Augustus will lead LSU to the promise land.

HOWEVER, this tournament thing is as hard as predicting the next celebrity marriage.

Possible bracket busters, or Cinderella’s, whichever you prefer, will pop up.

The men’s team possibly wearing a glass slipper may be Central Michigan, San Diego, Weber St. or Sam Houston St. But then again it may not.

Xavier, Syracuse, Marquette and Duke, all three-seeds may pose problems.

Women’s teams capable of ousting a higher seed are Charlotte, Oklahoma, Valpaasio or Western Michigan.

Texas, Texas Tech, Villanova and Purdue, two-seeds, all have a great shot at the championship.

But nothing is given. Nothing is easy. You lose, you go home.

For some losers that road home will be shorter than others. For both the men and women the selection committees has selected sites close to the higher seeds. This gives those teams a virtual home game for certain rounds of the tourney.

The sad thing is that the sites were selected months ago. Teams like LSU for the women, a number one seed, must travel, for LSU to Oregon.

But the committee has thought up this brilliant idea to give the higher seeds a break.

Quick note to you committee members, who subscribe to the Collegian, get the picks right before worrying about location.

But whether they’re here or there, picked or not, each game will be classic. Why? Because they always are.

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