Fledgling philosophy, religion and

Krista Tschetter

Krista Tschetter

Students and professors in the philosophy, religion and ethics disciplines are having their first meeting on Monday, March 17 at 8 p.m. to try and get the ball rolling on the formation of a club.

The meeting will be held in the University Student Union Waldner Room (USU 269) and discussion will cover a case study dealing with ethical choices in media situations.

The group is currently sponsored by another on-campus group, and trying to get on-campus activity status of their own by drafting a constitution.

“It has been a hard start because we have not had a lot of publicity and we have had a change in leadership since our last meeting,” said Crystal Hohenthaler, club president.

She also said the group still needs another officer.

Hohenthaler thinks the broad discussion topic of the first meeting will interest a variety of people.

“We were trying to find an issue that would include the most people,”Hohenthaler.

“We felt dealing with a media topic would appeal to more than just would-be philosophers and religion students.”

Hohenthaler hopes students in disciplines like political science, pre-law, journalism, broadcasting and history also take interest.

“The thing about philosophy, religion and ethics is that they are part of your life whether you academically pursue them or not,” she said.

“The issues these disciplines deal with are the issues of humanity. Since we’re all human, philosophy, religion and ethics apply to everyone. We want the issues the club deals with to be the issues of all humans.”

For more information contact Hohenthaler at 692-4346. Faculty advisor Greg Peterson can be reached on campus at 688-4322.