Being Fashion Savvy

Ann Kopecky

Ann Kopecky

Due to a technical error in the Feb. 25 edition of the Collegian, part of this story was cut off. Here is how it should have read in its entirety.

With spring just around the corner, new trends in fashion are appearing in magazines and on the runways.

On the campus of SDSU, some of these trends are showing up while classic favorites are continuing to make an appearance on many students.

Angie Beyers, a senior psychology major and apparel merchandising minor from Pipestone, Minn., works at Vanity in the University Mall. Beyers said that she sees a complete change in the way people dress for class compared to a night on the town.

“At school, a lot of people are in sweatshirts and jeans,” Beyers said.

According to Beyers, Lucky’s and Silver jeans are a popular brand among female college students.

“Silvers are really popular,” Beyers said. “That’s our biggest seller.”

Clothing stores, such as Express, Abercrombie and Fitch and the Gap, have also made a niche for themselves among females at SDSU, Beyers said.

For male students, it’s all about comfort.

“Guys are so casual,” Beyers said.

According to Beyers, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle Outfitters and the Buckle have become popular places for men to shop.

“People around here seem to like to go for the Abercrombie look,” Tyler Mahowald, a sophomore apparel merchandising major from Huron, said.

Mahowald said that he likes to go to the cities and vintage shops for his wardrobe.

“I like to shop in the Cities. A lot of guys here don’t,” Mahowald said.

Both Mahowald and Beyers said that SDSU is behind in fashion.

“I think there are a few people who are pretty fashion forward but I think we’re pretty behind,” Beyers said.

Dr. Nancy Lyons instructs apparel-merchandising classes at SDSU. She and her students continuously scope out the Internet and magazines for the latest trends in fashion.

“We’re always looking to see what’s new,” Lyons said.

Lyons pointed out five new looks that will be popular for women in spring 2003.

The ethnic folklore look will be taking a different approach this year.

“It’s tending to be more Asian-inspired in 2003,” Lyons said.

After looking at three major fashion publications from March, Lyons pointed out that the Chinoiseric look is going to be a big trend for spring. High raised Chinese band collars and Asian ethnic inspired clothing will be hitting the stores.

Another popular trend for spring is the country-club look. Flower-patterned cottons, chic Capri pants, shrunken jackets, polo tops and loud prints will show up as well as colors such as pale pink, lemon yellow and baby blue.

Prints, such as polka dots, will also be making a comeback.

“When spring arrives, print will become exciting and new,” Lyons said.

The surf look will be making its way into stores for spring. Surf inspired wear such as board shorts and neoprene fabric, a synthetic rubber found in wet suits, is one of the newest trends in fashion.

According to Lyons, spring 2003 will be turning back to the 1950s for fashion inspiration. Outfits similar to those worn by Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy will be on the rise.

Metal trimmings such as zippers, buckles, chains and studs will be coming back into style with the hardware look.

Lyons pointed out that many people are already wearing this look on campus. Shirts with metal grammets and string fasteners will stay in style for spring.

Besides the five newest looks, Lyons said that old looks are progressing into new shapes and styles.

“Denim jackets are still very, very big,” Lyons said. “Crop pants are still out there.”

Cargo pants will also be a big seller for 2003 but will appear in different styles and shapes. According to Lyons, pink satin cargo pants for women have made their way into the magazines this year.

Jeans, another classic, will also be making a change in appearance.

“Waistlines are rising,” Lyons said. “For fall, it is saying above the natural waist.”

Lyons said that the change will probably not be too dramatic for students.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they are still low,” Lyons said. “Students like them low.”

For men, classic khakis, multicolor shirts, Technicolor and a lot of stripes are popular, said Lyons.

The Rocker look is another important trend in guy’s fashion, according to Mahowald.

“For guys it doesn’t change as much as girls,” Mahowald said.

According to Mahowald, keeping up with fashion does not mean that a person needs to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe though.

“Use your imagination, mix old with new and don’t be afraid to be a little daring,” Mahowald said.