KSDJ management departs

John Hult

John Hult

Frustration over a rock format, a lack of creative freedom and a lack of access for regular students led two top managers at KSDJ, SDSU’s student-run radio station to decide to sign off for good.

Matt Stassel, who worked as Promotions Director for the station during the fall semester, quit his spring post of Music Director just before spring break.

Travis Kreeley, who served as Program Director since October 2002, quit the job on Monday, March 10.

“We just had no input,” Stassel said. “He’d be like, ‘one of you guys go type up a memo,’ you know, to yell at the DJs.”

Most of the problems arose over a conflict of management styles with Station Manager Ashley Allen. Allen implemented a rock/alternative format when he was hired last fall.

“He (Allen) has gotten rid of specialty shows, which I think is very bad, because some of those shows had a following,” Kreeley said.

Both Stassel and Kreeley did admit that the formatted station has increased the station’s listenership, however. Allen said that the format only allows for a small number of specialty shows.

“A specialty show has to be educational,” he said.

One of the programs in the works for the future could include Modern Languages Head Arsenio Rey. Allen had a stipulation, however.

“He requested that I run a questionaire among my students asking if they would like a program of cultural variety,” rey said.

Kreeley and Stassel were also angered by the removal of several songs from the station’s playlist, including songs by Sunny Day Real Estate, Hot Hot Heat, and Taking Back Sunday. Kreeley said that the songs were ones the staff had approved.

Allen said that he, Promotions Director Ryan Fradenburgh and current Music Director Aaron Wicker removed the songs because of listener complaints and because the songs didn’t flow with the station’s rock format.

“We’re holding all students accountable for the format,” Allen said.