South Dakota Symphony Commends New Facility

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Letter to the Editor:

I wanted to thank everyone involved for such a great experience in Brookings when the South Dakota Symphony Chamber Orchestra performed at your wonderful new facility on Sunday afternoon, March 23. The orchestra had a great time and was so impressed with the incredible concert hall.

You should be very proud of your new hall. It is truly first class. This obviously took a great deal of work, sweat, pain, and the hard work of raising of a lot of money. The artistic benefits for all of your performers and audience members will be a benefit you will enjoy for many, many years. The economic impact for the University and the city of Brookings will be felt as well. Bravo! I would like to thank everyone involved in bringing us to your wonderful city, including John Colson, John Walker, who also performed with the Chamber Orchestra, the Brookings Chamber Music Society, and Joe Firman for helping us out backstage.

Tom BennettExecutive DirectorSouth Dakota Symphony Orchestra